Dog Trainer Reacts: Doctor Mike’s Ways to Break Up A Dog Fight


  1. Great video but the thumbnail bugs me… You give the impression that Mike is way off but actually he's almost on point. Understand you want/need views but misleading thumbnails are tacky imo :/

  2. That worries me. I instinctively put my leg between two dogs the other day, luckily that was enough to stop them and we were all unharmed. I understand that was such a bad idea now… At the dog school two dogs started a fight and immediately the trainer grabbed the back legs and pulled one dog away, that stopped then immediately. I'd like to stay that calm. Thank you, I guess I'll get the spray.

  3. Oh no… as soon as he said the owner grabbed the collar I immediately thought it was gonna bite her.

    What do you think of break sticks? To me they look like I'd have to get my hand way closer to the biting than I'd feel is safe in order to use it.

    I think this is a situation where people understandably just freak out and react in the moment, so it's good to be prepared ahead of time. But idk why the owner of the Golden even went into the park in the first place when they saw a huge dog already in there 😤 they could have avoided this knowing their dog doesn't do well with bigger dogs

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